Colors of the Wind

We cannot see the wind, we can only see its effects. Due to its invisibility and evasiveness, wind is a natural element that tinges what it touches with a luster of poetry. Colors of the Wind is a playful and weightless landscape that capitalizes on this condition and visualizes wind through a field of swiveling colored wind turbines.

A park is a place where people go to be surrounded by natural occurrences. Thus, a landfill does not become a park until it is able to provide for such occurrences. By emphasizing the presence of the wind, this proposal will help Fresh Kills become a park as a place to experience the wind as it becomes visible by a field of turbines.

This land art generator piece could potentially produce a total of 4,000 mWh per year, enough to power 400 homes annually.

Project Data
Competition proposal
2012 Land Art Generator Initiative Competition organized by The Land Art Generator Initiative, Pittsburgh, USA

Sergio Lopez-Pineiro
Sandra Berdick