Hypostyle Garden

Hypostyle Garden is a proposal to rethink the traditional horizontal flower garden as a forest of flowers. As a renewal of this type of garden, this project presents flowers arranged in vertical piers, constructed out of steel funnels used in the automotive industry—oil, chemical, and rust resistant—and placed in a seemingly random manner with open spaces between them.

The selected flowers are all local wildflowers with vivid colors and scents to attract butterflies (Dotted Mint, White Asper, Blanketflower, and Lanceleaf Coreopsis). Since they all have similar growing needs—full sun and sandy soil—this would be an easy to grow and maintain garden.

Project Data
Design competition

2013 International Garden Festival Competition organized by Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens, Grand-Métis, Canada


Sergio Lopez-Pineiro